Ghost chasing Pac Man made of LEGO pieces

There’s still time this summer to be named LSC’s Builder of the Week!

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All summer, guests have loved exploring our premium exhibition, Sean Kenney’s Art Made with LEGO® Bricks!

The exhibition contains stunning sculptures made with LEGO pieces, all created by Brooklyn artist Sean Kenney, that depict nature and wild animals such as polar bears, tree frogs, hummingbirds, and ladybugs.

Kids looking at polar bear made out of LEGO pieces

The exhibition also includes a hands-on play zone where guests can create their own works of art using LEGO pieces.

Boy playing with LEGO pieces Boy and mother making creations with LEGO pieces

Every week this summer, we’re asking guests to post their creations from the exhibition onto social media using hashtag #MadeAtLSC. A “Builder of the Week” winner is announced every Sunday on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages! All winners get a prize!

Here are just a few of the most recent "Builder of the Week" winners:

Since there have been SO MANY great creations, we've also started capturing them via Polaroid camera and displaying them on our photo wall:

Made at LSC photo wall

Don’t miss out! Experience Sean Kenney’s Art Made with LEGO® Bricks at LSC through Sept. 2, 2019. The exhibition is available with the purchase of a Combination or Premium Pass.

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