Try to outrun a dinosaur during LSC’s Dino Days of Summer

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Think you could outrun a dinosaur? Find out at our Dino Days of Summer activity, “Are You Dino Food?” dinosaur race!

Try setting your best time in a 50-foot dash to see whether you’re fast enough to beat a T-Rex or a Triceratops. Hurry though, because it would take a T-Rex only 2.27 seconds to make that distance, while a Triceratops would be even faster at 1.17 seconds! There’s nothing like a hungry dinosaur, so it’s a good thing at least Triceratops was a herbivore!

You can learn more about the T-Rex and Triceratops during our Dino Days of Summer event June 29 – July 7, when LSC is filled with dinosaur adventures and activities. Be sure to check out Jack Horner’s Dino Dig – here all summer! – to dig through 35 tons of sand and uncover more than 60 fossils.

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