Using augmented reality to explore LSC’s animal care

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Have you ever wanted to get an inside look at how we care for our animals here at the Science Center? This entire week, we’re giving you the chance, via augmented reality (AR)!

Head to LSC’s Our Hudson Home exhibition on the fourth floor. There, we have tablets that use AR to take you behind-the-scenes of our animal and aquatic care.

Here’s how it works: Simply take a tablet and hold it up to one of the four different frames. Using AR, the tablet shows you a video based on the frame you have selected.

The four videos you can watch are based on enrichment (enhancing an animal’s life), aquatic care (how the aquarium system at LSC works), animal care (taking you into the animal room behind LSC’s Eat and Be Eaten exhibition), and Mickey the green-winged macaw (learning all about Mickey’s life and how we care for him).

Holding one of the tablets

Video of Mickey the green-winged macaw

Augmented reality is changing our world, especially for education purposes, and this is a great opportunity to see it used in action! Experience it this week during LSC’s Conservation Week celebration, every day through April 28.

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