Welcome to LSC, Mickey!

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We’ve added a new bird to our live animal collection, a green-winged macaw named Mickey. This species is one of the largest macaws and is native to the forests in Central and South America. He has an incredibly powerful beak that could easily snap a broomstick in half!

The animal and its cage were generously donated to LSC by an individual who has been keeping him as a pet for 30 years. A macaw’s lifespan is around 60 years, so we expect Mickey will be with us at LSC for quite a while.

You can spot Mickey by peeking into the animal care area in the back of Eat & Be Eaten. We’re keeping him back there so he can be seen by guests without being startled. Once he becomes acclimated to his new surroundings and keepers, we plan to work him into a future program or exhibit.

You can spot Mickey in the back of Eat & Be Eaten while he gets acclimated to his new surroundings and keepers.

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