Monster in the Doom Zoo

What was the number on our Doom Zoo Tear Tally this year?

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The results are in! A total of 361 people made their way onto this year’s Tear Tally. This is a new record!

Tear Tally

Every Halloween season, we hold the Doom Zoo haunted house, a horrific walk-though workshop home to nauseating, tormented mutants. A few years ago we introduced the Tear Tally, a checklist of all the people who chicken out and aren’t able to make it to the end.

Last year’s number was 287, which means we were successful in creating a bigger, scarier Doom Zoo in 2019!

Thanks to all the brave souls who joined us this year. Be sure to follow us here on the LSC blog, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for updates on all seasonal adventures at Liberty Science Center!

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