Why we conducted our Animal Encounter program in sign language

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Yesterday Exhibition Lead Alison Walminski conducted our Animal Encounter program in American Sign Language. That's because it was Special Needs Day at the Science Center!

Liberty Science Center features experiences for guests of all ages and stages of learning every day. But on Special Needs Days, which happen a few times each year, we offer an entire day of science learning tailored to special needs classes.

Other activities for Special Needs Day included Rainforest Rescuers, where guests helped tropical animals find their way home, and Build A Cell, where guests learned about some of the pieces that make up the 30-40 trillion cells in a human body.

Rainforest Rescuers

Build A Cell

To accommodate our guests during Special Needs Day, we expanded our lunch space to provide more access to wheelchairs. Additionally, the AV team reduced the volume and the projectionist provided more lighting in our theaters.

Thanks to all the students, parents, teachers, and chaperones that joined us for the day! To learn more about our Special Needs Day programs, contact us at 201.253.1310 or sales@lsc.org.

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