16 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Friendsgiving

LSC After Dark

Kick off the holiday season with games, science, drinks, and good times at LSC After Dark: Friendsgiving on Nov. 21, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm! Click here for tickets.

Our next 21+ event is the ultimate way to come together and celebrate your friends during the season of thanks. Don’t have your tickets yet? Let us convince you. Here are 16 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Friendsgiving!

1) Family “That You Choose” Feud

Survey says...Thanksgiving! At LSC After Dark: Friendsgiving, you and your friends can play a game of Family Feud – or as we call it, Family “That You Choose” Feud. See if you can match the survey responses to Thanksgiving-related categories!

2) Thanksgiving Olympic Games

Are you ready to enter the thrilling Thanksgiving Olympic Games? Participate in a series of fun themed challenges, such as pulling a tablecloth without breaking any dishes. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate Thanksgiving champion?

3) Friends 25th anniversary activities

Did you know this year is the 25th anniversary of the iconic ‘90s TV show, Friends?

In honor of the friendship they share and the laughs they’ve given us, guests can enjoy activities inspired by the legendary show. Compete in a Friends trivia challenge. Investigate dino fossils like paleontologist Dr. Ross Geller. Play Friends-themed board games. See your favorite episodes on our 31-foot screen. Capture the night with a stop in our Friends-themed Photo Booth!

4) Thanksgiving treats from Midnight Market

Midnight Market returns this month with innovative twists on Thanksgiving classics, presented by local food vendors at only $5 per plate (cash only, please).

5) Penelope Bourbon tasting and specialty bar

Yum! Join us for a complimentary alcohol tasting courtesy of Penelope Bourbon. Then, head to the specialty bar for more delicious Penelope Bourbon drinks!

As always, guests can also enjoy beer, wine, and smoking cocktails as well.

6) Thankful For Tree

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Your friends? Your pet? Your Disney+ subscription? Contribute to our “Thankful For Tree” and let everyone know your answer, and be sure to check out everyone else’s contributions!

7) Food drive

This month, we’re participating in a food drive with Interfaith Food Pantry and Resource Center. Click here to see their list of Thanksgiving food needs that you can donate at the event!

8) Dining Room Chaos Station

Be sure to make your mark on our Dining Room Chaos Station! This interactive art installation is a Thanksgiving dining room covered in paint balloons...thrown by YOU! Get messy, have fun, and contribute to our colorful, chaotic Thanksgiving dining room.

9) Pie eating contest

Do you have a big appetite for pie? Prove it! Enter our Pie Eating Contest on the dance floor and see if you can come out victorious!

10) Katy Perry Laser Show

Ignite the light and let it shine at our new Katy Perry Laser Show! Rock out to hits from everyone’s favorite California Girl set to high-tech lasers in the LSC Giant Dome Theater.

Catch the show at 7:45 pm or 9:15 pm.

You can experience the Katy Perry Laser Show when you make an additional $5 donation to support our programs for 91,000 students from at-risk communities. (Please make your donation in person at the event.)

11) The Search for Life in Space planetarium show

Explore beyond our solar system in search of signs of life in this thrilling new planetarium show! Journey from the depths of the Pacific Ocean into the far reaches of space on a quest to find something that changes everything – signs of life, somewhere else in the universe.

Catch the show at 7:30 pm or 8:30 pm.

Like the Katy Perry Laser Show, you can experience The Search for Life in Space when you make an additional $5 donation to support our programs for 91,000 students from at-risk communities. (Please make your donation in person at the event.)

12) Milk and Cookies Lab

Stop by our Milk and Cookies Lab for fun experiments involving both – you guessed it! – milk and cookies.

In one experiment, you’ll examine three samples of milk (fresh, refrigerated, and unrefrigerated) and learn about the bacteria found in spoiled food and beverages.

Fans of Friends will especially love our second experiment, “Monica’s Cookie Dissection,” where you’ll investigate the ingredients of a delicious cookie – just like Monica does in the episode “The One With Phoebe’s Cookies.”

13) Explore drone technology at the Innovation Station

Every month at LSC After Dark, our Innovation Station shows you the latest in must-see tech!

This month, we’re joined by the company SkyeBrowse! SkyeBrowse is an app that simplifies car crash investigations by the police. A drone is used to scan crash sites, and the drone relays a video, 3D model, and measurements through the app. This helps reduce the time it takes for crime scene investigation!

Stop by the Innovation Station and learn from SkyeBrowse how their app and drone technology is changing the future.

14) Angry Birds Universe

For an additional $6, you can experience LSC’s newest premium exhibition, Angry Birds Universe. Based on the popular games, the exhibition transports you into the world of Angry Birds for interactive adventures, both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Use real slingshots to aim birds through the air, build and race vehicles in a live version of Angry Birds Go!, draw your own bird and animate it in the design studio, and more!

15) Search for fossils like paleontologist Dr. Ross Geller

One of our Friends activities is inspired by paleontologist Dr. Ross Geller! At our “Fossil Finders” station, you’ll sift through gravel to look for tiny (and real) fossils that you get to bring home with you. Use an identification key to figure out your fossil discoveries!

16) Rock out on the dance floor

Kick off the holiday season by rocking out on the dance floor with DJ Chelli!

We can’t wait! Click here to get tickets now for LSC After Dark: Friendsgiving on Nov. 21 from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

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