Discover the danger and mystery of asteroids in our new planetarium show

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Did you know the first asteroid ever discovered was found on January 1, 1801? This asteroid – named Ceres – is also the largest ever discovered! At 600 miles across, it’s only a bit smaller than the state of Texas, which is 773 miles across.

Discover more about asteroids in our newest live show, Asteroids: Discovery, Danger & Dinosaurs. It’s playing now in LSC’s Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in America.

In this show, you’ll explore the discovery of asteroids, learn the danger of their impacts, and visit the asteroid belt through the eyes of NASA. Then you’ll travel back to the dinosaur days and consider the famous theory: Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs?

You’ll also learn about things like Vesta, the only asteroid bright enough to be seen by the naked eye; how there are nearly a million asteroids in our solar system; and the origins of the word “asteroid,” which means “star-like.”

After you experience Asteroids: Discovery, Danger & Dinosaurs, continue your prehistoric adventure in SUE: the T. rex Experience, our incredible new premium exhibition!

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