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Liberty Science Center featured on inspiring home renovation series ‘George to the Rescue’

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Liberty Science Center was recently featured on an episode of George to the Rescue!

The inspiring home renovation series, hosted by contractor George Oliphant, features top interior designers and contractors teaming up to help deserving families and communities with much-needed home renovations.

One of their recent episodes highlighted New Jersey resident Medinah Eatman, a mother of two and owner of Science.Teacher.Mom, an engaging STEM Kit company for teachers, home-schooling parents, or parents looking to enhance learning for their child.

George Oliphant and his team worked to give Medinah a stunning workspace renovation in their family basement. And along the way, they made time to visit LSC!

In the episode, George and his son travel to LSC with Medinah and her family. They spend the day visiting piranhas, pufferfish, naked mole rats, and snakes in Wild About Animals; soaring through space in the planetarium; learning about extinct creatures in Making Mammoths; and feeding butterflies in the Butterfly House.

“There’s so much to see here,” Medinah says in the show. “Being a science teacher and really trying to get students to really enjoy science and see the fun that’s in it, this place is phenomenal for that.”

We are so glad Medinah and her amazing family had the opportunity to visit us! Check out the full episode in the YouTube video below:

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