Woolly mammoth replica in Making Mammoths exhibit

Liberty Science Center is now home to a woolly mammoth

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Liberty Science Center is home to cotton-top tamarin monkeys, naked mole rats, leaf-cutter ants, and now…a woolly mammoth!

A woolly mammoth?! But aren’t those extinct, you may be wondering? Yes – but possibly not for long!

Our new “Making Mammoths” exhibit is all about the effort of Dr. George Church, a pioneer in genomics and 2018 recipient of LSC’s “Genius Award,” to de-extinct the woolly mammoth by “reading” thousands-year-old DNA extracted from frozen mammoth carcasses in Siberia and introducing select ancient genetic sequences into modern-day Asian elephants. Surprisingly, this is an effort that could help reduce global warming!

At the center of this new exhibit is a woolly mammoth replica, which took six months to make with each crafted hair individually positioned.

Woolly mammoth replica in Making Mammoths exhibit

We can’t wait for you to meet our mammoth and experience the groundbreaking science in this exhibit! To help guests better understand the science, the exhibit features explanatory panels by cartoonist Larry Gonick.

Making Mammoths” opens on Saturday, Nov. 21, and is included in general admission. Click here to get tickets now.

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