Kids in cop car

LSC celebrates Local Heroes at Member Night event

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On Sept. 27, 2019, LSC visitors packed the building for the latest Member Night event: Local Heroes!

At this celebration of the “superheroes” in our own backyard – from firefighters to state troopers and beyond – LSC members met with professionals in the community, and even got a hands-on look at the equipment and vehicles they use.

Family exploring firetruck

Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the night:

Meeting first responders

Kids in cop car

For “Local Heroes” night, we invited first responders in Hudson County to join us and give members a hands-on look at the amazing work they do! Guests met firefighters and explored a real fire truck, spoke with police officers and found out about the ways they keep us safe, and even looked inside an ambulance and learned about the equipment.

We were also joined by the Hudson County Improvement Authority, who spoke to our members about recycling, environmental programs, and transportation resources in the county.

Interacting with furry friends

Family meeting dog who is part of Hudson County Sheriff's K9 Unit

Our local heroes weren’t just people, though! We also invited the Hudson County Sheriff’s K9 Unit to come down and join us for the fun. Guests attended a special presentation in the Interactive Theater and learned how these superhero dogs are trained to detect drugs, explosives, and missing people.

At the end of the presentation, the officers invited the attendees to meet the Bloodhound who patiently took selfies with all guests who wanted one!

Escaping the Spider Maze

Girl exploring Spider Maze

Our members were the first to experience the return of our popular autumn activity: The Spider Maze! Guests were challenged with finding their way out of our 4,000-sq-ft webby labyrinth while encountering eight massive spiders along the way. Note: The Spider Maze is NOT a scary experience! None of the spiders are real, and none of them jump out at you!

Exploring the Scarecrow Hay Maze

Family running through scarecrow hay maze

In addition to the Spider Maze, guests also explored the Scarecrow Hay Maze – a fun autumn activity designed for our young learners!

Suiting up for science

Two boys in outfits at Suit Up for Science activity

For “Local Heroes” night, guests were invited to experience our “Suit Up for Science” activity. In this imaginative dress-up program, kids are encouraged to explore many different professions – including pilot, chef, explorer, doctor, police officer, and firefighter – and learn about all the different scientific tools these professions might use.

Meeting Buddy the T-Rex

Family with Buddy the T-Rex costume character

To celebrate our newest exhibition, Dinosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit, we had a very special appearance by Buddy the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Throughout the night, families enjoyed getting their photos taken with the dino pal who’s at the heart of our Dinosaur Train exhibition.

Viewing Saturn and Jupiter

Man looking through telescope

This was the only Member Night of the season where we had a great view of Jupiter and Saturn! Outside, guests used our telescopes to see both planets – an amazing astronomy experience!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Member Night: Local Heroes! Be sure to check our Member Events page for all the incredible events happening this fall.

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