LSC raises awareness on Endangered Species Day 2018

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On Friday, May 18, Liberty Science Center brought out special activities and presentations for Endangered Species Day 2018. This annual event, spearheaded by the National Wildlife Foundation, is all about recognizing the importance of wildlife conservation and restoration efforts to all imperiled species.

Some of our activities included the Animal Artifacts Zone, where guests touched a hippopotamus skull, parrot feathers, snakeskin, and more, and Rainforest Rescuers, where kids learned about the rainforest and its inhabitants by helping stuffed animals locate their home.

Guests also got up-close with some of LSC's animal residents, many of which belong to species that are endangered, threatened, or suffering from reduced populations.

The red-tailed boa constrictor, for example, has reduced populations due to habitat loss, collection for the pet trade, and hunting for meat and skin.

<i><center>Guests meet the red-tailed boa constrictor</i></center>
Guests meet the red-tailed boa constrictor

<i><center>Guests meet the red-tailed boa constrictor</i></center>
Guests meet the red-tailed boa constrictor

Guests also met Mickey, our green-winged macaw. Green-winged macaws are not currently endangered, but are protected under federal law (Appendix II) as a species that may become so, as they are victims of habitat loss and often collected for trade.

<i><center>Mickey the green-winged macaw</i></center>
Mickey the green-winged macaw

Guests also learned more about our cotton-top tamarin monkeys. Sadly, the tamarins are recognized as a critically endangered species, which is only two steps away from extinct. Guests watched the tamarins as they enjoyed a meal and chatted with our animal team about how they live.

<i><center>Cotton-top tamarin monkeys</i></center>
Cotton-top tamarin monkeys

<i><center>Guests meet the cotton-top tamarin monkeys</i></center>
Guests meet the cotton-top tamarin monkeys

Endangered Species Day may be over, but you can meet our animals and learn about conservation and restoration efforts every day here at the Science Center! Our animals live on the third floor in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition.

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