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Slime, ball pits, laser tag, and more: LSC debuts new Extreme LSC monthly event

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There’s a new way to kick off the weekend, and it’s extreme!

Liberty Science Center’s newest event series – Extreme LSC – began on Friday, Nov. 22. Happening every fourth Friday night from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Extreme LSC is the ultimate way for kids to experience Liberty Science Center’s most exciting adventures.

From laser tag to slimy experiments to stargazing to a massive ball pit, Extreme LSC has it all. Our exhibitions are open as well, and accompanying adults 21 and over can even enjoy a menu of beer and wine!

Take a look at some of the highlights from our very first Extreme LSC event:

Jumping into the massive ball pit

Boy in ball pit

There’s no better way to celebrate the weekend than by jumping into our massive ball pit. On our very first night, kids had a blast swimming in the ball pit and taking fun photos. It’s open every month at Extreme LSC!

Getting messy with slimy experiments

Girl making slime at Slime Lab

Get gooey and get messy! Kids learned how to make their own oozy creations at the Slime Lab, and even took the slime home with them.

Exploring the stars via telescopes

Boy looking through telescope

We’re bringing out the telescopes for every Extreme LSC event! On these evenings, guests are invited to look to the sky and learn from our astronomy experts about what’s happening in the galaxy at that very moment.

At our first Extreme LSC event, guests viewed the beautiful Pleiades star cluster over Manhattan, as well as viewed the Orion Nebula as it rose over the city.

Defeating space invaders at the laser tag arena

That’s right – we’ve got laser tag. Every month, kids (and adults!) are invited to challenge their friends at our thrilling laser tag arena.

Traveling through space in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Guests watching show in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Extreme LSC guests can enjoy thrilling shows in LSC’s Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.

This month, attendees explored beyond our solar system in search of signs of life in our Search for Life in Space planetarium show. Kids and families also rocked out to music from everyone’s favorite California Girl in the Katy Perry Laser Show, as well as took a roller coaster through the galaxy in Space: The Ride.

Sending birds soaring in Angry Birds Universe

Boy using slingshot in Angry Birds Universe

Our premium exhibition, Angry Birds Universe, was open for Extreme LSC. Kids and adults had a blast playing a real-life version of the popular Angry Birds games, where you use a real slingshot to destroy the pigs’ structures. Want a tip from us? Pull the slingshot all the way back! The more force, the better.

Exploring all of LSC’s exhibitions

Girl looking through microscope in Our Hudson Home lab

In addition to Angry Birds Universe, all of Liberty Science Center’s exhibitions were open for Extreme LSC, including Touch Tunnel, Infinity Climber, Wonder Why, Microbes Rule!, Eat and Be Eaten, and Our Hudson Home.

Rocking out to music

DJ UFoso at Extreme LSC

We have a DJ and music at every Extreme LSC event. This month, we were joined by DJ UFoso!

Taking photos for the ‘Gram

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