So long and thanks for all the Rubik's Cube memories

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This is probably the most excited we’ve been since the Beyond Rubik’s Cube grand opening almost a year ago today.

‘Beyond Rubik’s Cube’ being packed away before its journey West.

Beyond Rubik’s Cube is finally leaving the galleries of Liberty Science Center and heading out to fulfill its purpose: to spread the awesomeness of the Rubik’s Cube near and far.

Empty artifact stands.

For many of us here at LSC, Beyond Rubik’s Cube will always hold a special place in our thoughts. Our exhibition design team spent nearly six years developing the world’s first exhibition all about the Rubik’s Cube. Thanks to their excellent design, the hard work of our floor staff and volunteers, and the hundreds of thousands of guests who came to experience Beyond Rubik’s Cube, we can say, with confidence, that it’ll entertain audiences for decades to come.

Below are some of our favorite moments from the past year. Thank you all for coming to see Beyond Rubik’s Cube. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on next.

Day before the grand opening:

See you tomorrow! #beyondrubikscube #libertysciencecenter #jerseycity #hoboken #newark #nyc #bayonne #LibertyStatePark

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Assembling and lifting the Groovik’s Cube into position was such an ordeal we made a short documentary about it:

Then, Anthony Brooks and friends decided they would break the world record for solving it:

Lighting the top of the Empire State Building Rubik’s Cube colors:

Floating the Rubik’s Cube and baking cakes for Erno Rubik’s 75th birthday:

Send us your Cubes #libertysciencecenter #jerseycity #hoboken #newark #nyc #bayonne #LibertyStatePark #beyondrubikscube #rubikscube

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That time we hosted the US Rubik’s Cube National Championships:

And Anthony Brooks broke a Guinness World Records for most Rubik’s Cubes solved under water:

Also that time Anthony Brooks beat the fastest Go-Kart driver in New Jersey:

Then there was that time Senator Booker came by:

Not content with keeping the exhibit within our walls, we brought Beyond Rubik’s Cube to the masses through our Creativity Festival. One of our favorites was the time we visited WORD bookstore in downtown Jersey City:

Speaking of educating the masses, dozens of schools took advantage of our Beyond Rubik’s Cube STEM programming. The curriculum will travel with the exhibition as well:

Then the Rubik’s Cube was voted into the Toy Hall of Fame:

As if all of that wasn’t cool enough, Bob and Jaclyn decided that the perfect venue for the biggest day of their lives should be Beyond Rubik’s Cube:

We still can’t believe that one happened. It was so beautiful:

And for those who think that headline sounds familiar, you’re not wrong. It is indeed a Douglas Adams reference:

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