Summer of Dinos

It’s dinosaur season at LSC! All summer long, we are celebrating the majestic prehistoric creatures who left clues about their lives, and the ancient life of our planet, buried beneath our feet. Let’s discover the science, mystery, and fun of dinos together!

Here are some can’t-miss highlights for your “Summer of Dinos” visit to LSC.

Imagine how thrilled paleontologists must have been when they first uncovered dinosaur fossils. Now LSC guests can experience the thrill of discovery themselves in a new, permanent outdoor exhibition: Dino Dig Adventure. Enter the 1,750-square-foot space, where guests are immersed in the landscape of a real paleontological dig. Explore three dig pits and discover fascinating fossils poking out from below the surface. Dig for fossils from seven different dinosaur species buried in more than 60 tons of sand. Uncover replica fossils of bones, eggs—even dinosaur poop! Thanks to a giant canopy, inspired by the shape of an Ankylosaurus, guests can enjoy Dino Dig Adventure in (almost) all kinds of weather. (2nd Floor, outside)

SUE: The T. rex Experience is an interactive, engaging, and hands-on exhibition featuring an exact replica of a T. rex skeleton measuring 40 feet long and 13 feet tall at the hip. The skeleton faces off against a full-scale replica of a Triceratops, one of T. rex’s natural enemies! Explore the sights, sounds, and smells of the prehistoric world in high-tech simulations, while a unique multimedia show transports you to the Cretaceous forest. Available with an additional admission ticket. (4th Floor)

In our immersive new planetarium show, Asteroids: Discovery, Danger & Dinosaurs, you can explore the discovery of asteroids, learn the danger of their impacts, and visit the asteroid belt through the eyes of NASA. Then travel back to the dinosaur days and consider the famous theory: Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs? Available with an additional admission ticket. (Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, 2nd Floor)

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Fun facts about the life and habits of a T. rex! At the T. rex Challenge, open each door to find out which are true and which are false. See how many you can get right. (4th Floor)

At the T. rex Scavenger Hunt, you'll follow the trail of clues throughout the Science Center to find out what prey the T. rex is stalking. Take your correct answer to the Information Desk to collect a dino prize! (1st Floor)

Are you a dinosaur know-it-all? Test your smarts against other dino fans in our Dino Trivia trivia contest, every day at 12:30. (Science Live!, 3rd Floor)

Rock out and show off your moves during fun, family-friendly dino songs at the Dino Dance Party, every day at 1:45 pm. (Governors Hall, 2nd Floor)

Our Block Party exhibition has a new dino twist! The gallery of blue foam building blocks now includes fossil-shaped pieces so you can build your own freestanding dinosaur fossil. (4th Floor)