Update Regarding COVID-19

For the safety of our community and staff, LSC remains closed to the public until further notice. A few staff members remain on site to care for our 110 species of animals and perform other essential tasks.

Meanwhile, from our homes across the region, the LSC team has been hard at work creating online experiences that continue our mission. We are sharing our flagship education program, Live From Surgery, at no cost, so learners of all ages can see a real operating room through a high-def connection and understand what surgeons do to restore our health. We are continually adding new programming on a variety of fascinating science topics. Our planetarium staff is guiding us through the universe, our STEM educators are presenting science experiments, and we are adding new at-home experiments, videos, and more all the time. Check out LSC in the House to access all of our online experiences.

If you are able, please support LSC's Sustainability Fund to maintain LSC during its closure and continue our mission by providing access to STEM learning for everyone. Today’s scientists and healthcare professionals are the heroes on the front lines responding to our community's needs to help bring this crisis to an end. But we need more scientists, innovators, and problem-solvers to shape our future workforce and make the world a better place. That's why LSC's mission—to inspire and prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers—is more urgent than ever. These are the kids who will one day cure diseases, study Earth’s changing climate, create life-changing technologies, and so much more.

We know that this is a challenging time. Keep in touch with us through our social media accounts, and please stay safe and be well.