Liberty Science Center welcomes members from participating ASTC Passport Program institutions.

Liberty Science Center participates in the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Passport Program which means your membership card is welcome at more than 300 Science and Technology Centers around the world.  For a list of participating centers and for information, visit  (restrictions apply).  Please call ahead to verify that you are eligible for the reciprocal admission benefit and if there are any limitations.  Liberty Science Center honors your membership level up to two adults and four children.  You must have your valid membership card and a photo I.D. at the time of your visit or you may be denied free admission. 

Please note that Liberty Science Center abides by ASTC’s 90 mile rule.  The following restrictions apply for ASTC members visiting Liberty Science Center:

  1. If your home address is within 90 miles of Liberty Science Center (Jersey City, NJ) and you are a member of another institution, that membership will not be honored at Liberty Science Center.
  1. If you live further than 90 miles from Liberty Science Center, but your membership is with an institution that is within 90 miles of Liberty Science Center, it will not be honored here.

The following museums are within the 90 radius of the Liberty Science Center and their membership will not be honored at Liberty Science Center (this list is not comprehensive):

The Academy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia, PA)

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum* (Brooklyn, NY)

Bruce Museum (Greenwich, CT)

Da Vinci Discovery Center (Allentown, PA)

Discovery Museum (Bridgeport, CT)

The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA)

Garden State Discovery Museum (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Great Valley Nature Center (Devault, PA)

Hudson River Museum* (Yonkers, NY)

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum* (NYC, NY)

Long Island Children’s Museum (Garden City, NY)

Long Island Science Center (Riverhead, NY)

Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum (Poughkeepsie, NY)

National Museum of Mathematics (New York, NY)

The Newark Museum* (Newark, NJ)

New York Hall of Science*(Queens, NY)

New York Transit Museum (Brooklyn Heights, NY)

Staten Island Children’s Museum (Staten Island, NY)

Stepping Stones Museum for Children (Norwalk, CT)

Yale Peabody Museum (New Haven, CT)

If you are currently a member of any of these institutions, we invite you to join Liberty Science Center and offer a 10% discount on membership just for you.  Please show your active membership card at the Box Office to be eligible for this special discount.

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