What is the purpose of the Women’s Leadership Council?

The Women’s Leadership Council commits to supporting science, technology, engineering and math education for learners of all ages at Liberty Science Center. Together we will build affinity, awareness and support for the Center and its programs.

What does the logo for the Women’s Leadership Council depict?

The logo of the Women’s Leadership Council is made up of two X chromosomes, the unique chromosome combination that makes up a female.

What benefits will I receive when I join Women’s Leadership Council?

There are two levels of membership: $100 Member Fee or $45 Associate Member Fee (for individuals under 30 years old)

Member Benefits:

  • Total of four passes to visit Liberty Science Center
  • Invitations to the Annual Luncheon, and the Liberty Science Center Gala
  • Special discounted ‘Members Only’ registration fees for the Annual Luncheon
  • 10% discount on the Center’s Family Membership Program, for unlimited access to the Center year-round
  • Recognition in Liberty Science Center’s Gala and Annual Luncheon Programs

How did the Women’s Leadership Council begin?

On November 10, 2010, the Women’s Leadership Council held a Kick-Off event at Liberty Science Center. The Kick-Off provided the opportunity for women to learn more about the Center and its prog
rams and to become “Founding Members” of the Women’s Leadership Council. As a result, we now have more than 200 members and counting!

What kinds of events does the Women’s Leadership Council hold?

Every year the Women’s Leadership Council and Liberty Science Center’s Board of Trustees host the Annual Luncheon to raise awareness and funds to support the initiatives at Liberty Science Center. For more information on the Annual Luncheon, click here.

Who are the Founding Directors of the Women’s Leadership Council?

The Founding Directors of the Women’s Leadership Council are volunteers that are committed to supporting Liberty Science Center and work hand in hand with our trustees and Gala Committee to help support the institution’s mission and program. For a full list of Founding Directors, click here.

What are the backgrounds and careers of the members who join the Women’s Leadership Council?

The membership of the Women’s Leadership Council includes women of all ages, ethnicities and professional backgrounds, including women in science-oriented disciplines, business and finance professionals, doctors and healthcare workers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, school administrators, students and graduate students, mothers and self-employed entrepreneurs.

What is the age range of the membership?

Women of all ages are encouraged to join. Believe it or not, we have members starting at age 1 all the way up to grandmothers and great grandmothers!

How can I contribute my background and skills?

There are many ways you can get involved with the Women’s Leadership Council. For a list of ways you can contribute, click here.

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