LSC After Dark 21+ parties continue with 'Dancing with Volcanoes'

LSC After Dark

Who doesn’t lav-a good party?

Last night, Liberty Science Center continued its wildly successful LSC After Dark series for guests 21+ with “Dancing with Volcanoes.” A fiery good time, the party featured a 14 ft. tall volcano – the largest volcano LSC has ever had in the building – on the dance floor that erupted with smoke and confetti multiple times throughout the evening.

Jersey City blogger Lynn Hazan, also known as “ChicpeaJC,” returned as the official LSC After Dark Ambassador. Along with DJ Kevlove and returning host Haytham Elgawly, the trio kept the party sizzling from the moment it started.

Many guests showed up early to enjoy the Volcanic Happy Hour and sip on smoking hot drinks. As with the last party, there were several mouth-watering food options on the menu, including beef sliders, fried green tomatoes, smoked pepper mac ‘n cheese and a chocolate lava cake.

When they weren’t on the dance floor, guests explored exhibits throughout the building including the Touch Tunnel, Bodies Revealed, Wonder Why, and Eat and Be Eaten.

<i>Wonder Why exhibit</i>
<i> Eat and Be Eaten</i>
<i>Bodies Revealed exhibit</i>

LSC also debuted a brand new David Bowie laser show in the massive IMAX Dome Theater, featuring several of Ziggy Stardust’s greatest hits such as “Heroes,” “Modern Love,” “Space Oddity” and “Magic Dance” from Bowie’s cult film “Labyrinth.”

<i> David Bowie</i>

The party was such a smash that a Tyrannosaurus rex even came out of extinction to enjoy the fun.

<i>The dinosaur</i>

LSC After Dark parties are held the third Thursday of every month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and information on our October party.

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