LSC After Dark gets nerdy and stylish with 'Nerd Prom' event

LSC After Dark

Last night, Liberty Science Center threw the nerdiest prom ever for our latest LSC After Dark event for guests 21 and over, “Nerd Prom and Wearable Tech Fashion Show.”

Unlike traditional high school proms, our prom had a lot more science and tech. And cooler fashion. And more adult beverages, too, since everyone was of age!

DSC00698 2.jpg
DSC00831 2.jpg

As guests sipped on cocktails and enjoyed sparkling wine courtesy of Jersey Wine and Spirits, they browsed our showcase of fashionable, wearable technology, and even got to meet the inventors behind these cutting-edge inventions. Later in the night, we held a futuristic fashion show, as the wearable tech inventors showed off their creations to the crowd.

The NJ-based pop punk band, The Stolen, performed for our guests. They were incredible, performing many of their own songs, as well as covers of songs that guests may have danced to at their own proms in high school.

<i><center>The Stolen performs</i></center>
The Stolen performs

<i><center>The Stolen performs</i></center>
The Stolen performs

As always, the exhibits in the Science Center were open to enjoy, including the Touch Tunnel, Infinity Climber, Illusion, Block Party, and MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition. Guests also got to participate in many fun, prom-inspired science experiments, such as a lab where they used duct tape to create stylish bowties.

For the first time in LSC After Dark history, we opened up our Outdoor Bar for guests to enjoy, as people lounged in the beautiful weather and basked in the NYC skyline.

On the patio, guests got to participate in a fire lab with Lycopodium powder, as well as receive tattoos from LSC staff. We look forward to opening the Outdoor Bar at all our LSC After Dark events this summer!

We also opened up the MakerLab – LSC’s hub of tools and equipment featuring 3D printers, laser cutters, and more – where people got to have laser-made accessories created for them.

Over in PSE&G Court, guests enjoyed a virtual reality playground courtesy of New York Code + Design Academy, and lessons in basic coding by KOOV.

<i><center>Virtual reality playground</i></center>
Virtual reality playground

At the end of the evening, it was time to pick a prom king and queen. Based on crowd applause, the titles went to Jeff Mejia and Christian Quinones. Congratulations, Jeff and Christian!

<i><center>Prom king and queen Jeff Mejia and Christian Quinones</i></center>
Prom king and queen Jeff Mejia and Christian Quinones

It was a great night, as many people relived their own high school proms (except this time, in a much cooler venue!) while others experienced a prom for the very first time. Thanks to all who came out.

Tickets are now available for the next LSC After Dark event, “Electric BBQ,” on July 20. Foodies, take note! We’re teaming up with Midnight Market Jersey City to throw the most “lit” BBQ you’ll attend all summer. Get tickets now for a discounted online price.

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