LSC After Dark charges up for 'Electric BBQ' event

LSC After Dark

Last night, Liberty Science Center threw the hottest BBQ of the summer for our latest LSC After Dark 21+ event: “Electric BBQ!”

For this event, we teamed up with Midnight Market Jersey City (MMJC), the foodie nightlife sensation taking the city by storm. The Science Center was packed with local food vendors serving delicious $5 tapas-style plates, including guac tacos from The Guac Spot, gourmet meatballs from Hanna’s Meatballs, grilled pineapple from Suwanna Foods, and so much more. (See the full list of vendors here)

<i><center>A guest enjoys grilled pineapple from Suwanna Foods</i></center>
A guest enjoys grilled pineapple from Suwanna Foods

Guests enjoyed their plates inside the building, as well as outside.With the beautiful summer weather and gorgeous NYC skyline, guests had a great time sipping on drinks from our Frosé Bar and exploring Liberty Science Center’s outdoor adventures such as Wildlife Challenge and Jack Horner’s Dino Dig.

<center><i>Digging for fossils in Jack Horner's Dino Dig</i></center>
Digging for fossils in Jack Horner's Dino Dig

<i><center>Chillin' outside</i></center>
Chillin' outside

People also loved taking photos with our backyard dinosaur!

<i><center>Guests getting bit by a dinosaur</i></center>
Guests getting bit by a dinosaur

Keeping in line with our “Electric BBQ” theme, there were some truly electrifying science experiments occurring throughout the Science Center. They included glowing electric pickle experiments, a MakerLab activity featuring wood burning with electricity, and demonstrations by Tesla Motors.

<i><center>Checking out the Tesla!</i></center>
Checking out the Tesla!

There was also a virtual reality playground experience, courtesy of the New York Code + Design Academy, and an endoscope lab in our Infection Connection exhibit.

<i><center>Virtual reality experience</i></center>
Virtual reality experience

But of course, the most electric experience of the night was our Tesla Lightning Show! Guests packed the JDW Digital 3D Theater and enjoyed as our twin, one-million-volt Tesla coils produced bursts of musical lightning.

<i><center>Tesla Lightning Show</i></center>
Tesla Lightning Show

Our IMAX Dome Theater was packed too, as guests experienced a “Best of Pink Floyd Laser Show.”

The IMAX Dome will soon be undergoing a renovation into the biggest and best planetarium on the Western Hemisphere, so we gave guests one last chance to see a movie on the IMAX Dome screen. In addition to the laser show, we played the movies Extreme Weather and Dream Big: Engineering Our World.

Later in the night, DJ Cream took over the dance floor and guests had an electrifying good time rocking out with him!

<i><center>On the dance floor</i></center>
On the dance floor

<i><center>On the dance floor</i></center>
On the dance floor

There were a few more surprises in-store for guests too, such as a whiskey tasting courtesy of Jersey Wine and Spirits.

<i><center>Whiskey tasting</i></center>
Whiskey tasting

Guests got to pick up free endangered species condoms distributed by the Center for Biological Diversity and learn how human population growth and over-consumption contribute to environmental issues like the species extinction crisis, habitat loss, and climate change.

<i><center>Endangered species condoms</i></center>
Endangered species condoms

And as they do at every LSC After Dark event, our guests faced their fears by conquering some of LSC’s most exhilarating indoor challenges, such as the Touch Tunnel and Infinity Climber.

<i><center>On the Infinity Climber</i></center>
On the Infinity Climber

<i><center>On the Infinity Climber</i></center>
On the Infinity Climber

We had a blast at LSC After Dark: Electric BBQ! Great food, great drinks, great experiences. Tickets are now available for the next LSC After Dark event on August 17: “Boardwalk.” We are teaming up with MMJC again, as well as with Jersey City Pride, to bring the beach to Jersey City for just one night!

LSC After Dark: Boardwalk will be the kickoff event for the 2017 Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival. Enjoy $5 rainbow bites from local vendors and celebrating the #1 city in New Jersey for LGBT inclusiveness. Click here for tickets.

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