LSC After Dark makes a splash with Boardwalk event

LSC After Dark

Last night, Liberty Science Center brought the beach to Jersey City!

For the last LSC After Dark event of the summer – appropriately titled “Boardwalk” – the Science Center transformed into the Jersey Shore. Guests 21 and over lounged outside in the beautiful weather, ate delicious $5 food plates, and played boardwalk games and activities.

Upon entering the event, guests tried their am at the Balloon Darts, showed off their strength at Thor's Hammer, tested their knowledge at the Trivia Wheel, and got their fortune read by Flora the Fortune Teller.

<i><center>At the Balloon Darts</i></center>
At the Balloon Darts

<i><center>Thor's Hammer</i></center>
Thor's Hammer

<i><center>The Trivia Wheel</i></center>
The Trivia Wheel

<i><center>Flora the Fortune Teller</i></center>
Flora the Fortune Teller

<i><center>A guest gets his fortune read</i></center>
A guest gets his fortune read

<i><center>Chillin' outside</i></center>
Chillin' outside

We also opened up our Touch Tank, so guests could get hands-on and up-close with creatures that live underwater at the shore.

<i><center>Touch Tank</i></center>
Touch Tank

LSC After Dark: Boardwalk was the kickoff event of the 2017 Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival. Guests celebrated the #1 city in New Jersey for LGBT inclusiveness, plus received beautiful Pride-themed tattoos and stickers.

<i><center>Pride tattoo</i></center>
Pride tattoo

Thanks to the beautiful weather, visitors experienced our popular outdoor adventures such as Jack Horner’s Dino Dig and Wildlife Challenge.

Inside, guests enjoyed our classic exhibitions such as the Touch Tunnel, Infinity Climber, and Wonder Why, as well as a summer-themed laser show. Over in Infection Connection, guests tried our special Rainbow Lab, a lab devoted to the intricacies of light refraction. People used a microscope to see the LED colors in devices – such as their cell phones – and learned how the brain perceives color.

New York Code + Design Academy also returned to let guests experience their amazing VR Playground headset.

<i><center>VR Playground</i></center>
VR Playground

In addition to all the delicious food vendors provided by Midnight Market Jersey City – such as Hanna’s Meatballs, Porta, Gia Gelato, Moffle Bar, Empanada Mania, and Bang Cookies, just to name a few – guests enjoyed refreshing drinks at the Margarita Bar as well as a rosé tasting provided by Jersey Wine and Spirits.

Over on the dance floor, guests rocked out with our special host, NJ-based drag sensation Octavia Anyae, and danced to music played DJ Skittlez.

<i><center>Octavia Anyae</i></center>
Octavia Anyae

<i><center>DJ Skittlez</i></center>
DJ Skittlez

<i><center>On the dance floor</i></center>
On the dance floor

<i><center>On the dance floor</i></center>
On the dance floor

<i><center>Man on stilts!</i></center>
Man on stilts!

Bubble magician Tom Noddy also performed bubble tricks on the dance floor and taught guests about the science of making a bubble.

<i><center>Bubble magician Tom Noddy</i></center>
Bubble magician Tom Noddy

There was also a very sweet moment on the dance floor when LSC After Dark guest Evita Martel had a surprise reunion with her mother, Isabel, who had been away in the Army for three months and came back earlier than expected.

Check out their beautiful moment on the dance floor:

Due to popular demand, we once again handed out free endangered species condoms from the Center for Biological Diversity. Guests picked up their condoms and learned how human population growth and over-consumption contribute to environmental issues like the species extinction crisis, habitat loss, and climate change.

Thanks to everyone who came out for LSC After Dark: Boardwalk! See more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Now it’s time to grab your flannel and set the VCR to tape Friends because the next LSC After Dark event, September 21, is ‘90s Night. Get tickets here.

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