Zombies, monsters and more rock out at LSC After Dark: Zombtoberfest

LSC After Dark

Last night, zombies took over Liberty Science Center for LSC After Dark: Zombtoberfest!

Our annual Halloween event for guests 21 and over was bigger and better than ever this year as zombies, monsters, witches, characters from American Horror Story, and other creatures of the night came for a spooky good evening.


As they entered the building, guests browsed through offbeat jewelry, art, and gifts courtesy of vendors from the Jersey City Oddities Market.

<i><center>At the Jersey City Oddities Market</i></center>
At the Jersey City Oddities Market

<i><center>At the Jersey City Oddities Market</i></center>
At the Jersey City Oddities Market

From there, things only got creepier as people explored our many different Halloween offerings this year.

Among them was the return of the “Doom Zoo,” LSC’s horrifying haunted laboratory walkthrough, and the “Fear Sphere,” an award-winning experimental game where guests step inside a giant bubble and use a flashlight to escape a virtual monster.

We had some remarkable shows and presentations this year. In addition to our SpooktacuLaser Show – which featured hits from Rocky Horror, Michael Jackson, Oingo Boingo, and more – we had a “Zombie Foodie” presentation in our JDW Theater. In that presentation, a hipster zombie food blogger taught guests all about different animal organs, and even presented real animal hearts, stomachs, livers, intestines, and lungs.

<i><center>Zombie Foodie presentation</i></center>
Zombie Foodie presentation

Also in the JDW Theater, a team of paranormal investigators from the Paranormal Assistance & Research Association and UnScene web series showed off their ghost-hunting technology and played audio and video clips from their findings.

Our special labs were Halloween-themed, too. Guests investigated blood spatters, examined real pig hearts, took measurements of animal skulls, and viewed 3D-printed brain models to learn where zombie mutations would occur.

<i><center>Learning about zombie mutations via 3D-printed brain models</i></center>
Learning about zombie mutations via 3D-printed brain models

This month, we teamed up again with Midnight Market NJ to offer $5 plates from local food vendors. The drink options were fantastic too, with wine, cocktails and a Sangria Bar, as well as beer tastings courtesy of Jersey Wine and Spirits.

<i><center>Yummy food vendors</i></center>
Yummy food vendors

On a more disgusting note, we also brought back the Bug Buffet, where brave guests munched on real insects and bugs. Anyone who successfully ate a bug received an “I Ate A Bug” sticker!

<i><center>Eating a scorpion on the dance floor</i></center>
Eating a scorpion on the dance floor

Over on the dance floor, our emcee Hayoner kept things rocking all night, along with our musical guest, DJ/drummer duo Brick City Riot.

<i><center>On the dance floor</i></center>
On the dance floor

<i><center>Brick City Riot</i></center>
Brick City Riot

But can we talk about the costumes? So many people showed up in spectacular outfits. Check out a few of our favorites:

<i><center>Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen</i></center>
Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

<i><center>American Horror Story nun</i></center>
American Horror Story nun

<i><center>Guess Who? cards</i></center>
Guess Who? cards

<i><center>Silent Hill nurse</i></center>
Silent Hill nurse

<i><center>Beautiful butterfly</i></center>
Beautiful butterfly

It was difficult to choose one best costume out of the pack. But when it came time to choose a winner during the ultimate costume contest, the prize went to a guest dressed as Bob Ross.

<i><center>Bob Ross!</i></center>
Bob Ross!

What an amazing evening! Thanks to everyone who came out. You can also relive the event through this excellent video recap:

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Tickets are now available for November’s LSC After Dark event, “Whiskey & Winter Are Coming.” Both fans and non-fans will have a blast at this Game of Thrones-inspired event that includes whiskey tastings, fire and ice presentations, and experiments inspired by the hit series. It’s more fun than a Red Wedding! Click here for tickets.

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