New Orleans comes to LSC for LSC After Dark: Mardi Gras

LSC After Dark

Unless you booked a plane ticket to Louisiana, there was no better way to celebrate Mardi Gras than at Liberty Science Center!

On Thursday, Feb. 15, the Science Center transformed into New Orleans for the latest LSC After Dark event for guests 21 and over. Visitors enjoyed festive activities and experiments, delicious drinks from the Bayou, and fantastic music from Bourbon Street. And of course, plenty of beads!

The building was “lit” for this masquerade bash! Talented artists from the School of Makeup Effects stopped by to give out masquerade makeovers, while the JC Oddities Market returned to sell offbeat art, jewelry, and gifts from the darkness of the bayou.

<i><center>Receiving a masquerade makeover from the School of Makeup Effects</i></center>
Receiving a masquerade makeover from the School of Makeup Effects

<i><center>Browsing vendors from the JC Oddities Market</i></center>
Browsing vendors from the JC Oddities Market

We also had live music playing, courtesy of the Hungry March Band, a legendary street bass march band from NYC that has previously played Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

<i><center>The Hungry March Band</i></center>
The Hungry March Band

<i><center>The Hungry March Band</i></center>
The Hungry March Band

<i><center>The Hungry March Band</i></center>
The Hungry March Band

Guests enjoyed a free limoncello tasting, courtesy of Jersey City Super Buy-Rite, featuring Pallini Limoncello and a twist on a traditional New Orleans cocktail, the Vieux Carré.

We also brought out a specialty margarita bar with pomegranate, mango, and sour apple flavors, plus a selection of beer and wine.

<i><center>At the limoncello tasting</i></center>
At the limoncello tasting

Keeping in line with the New Orleans theme, this month’s labs and experiments were a bit more “mystical” in nature.

Guests used voodoo dolls to learn about the relationship between between the nervous system, muscles, and movement, while another “mind control” experiment allowed guests to control the movements of their friends using electrodes.

<i><center>Voodoo dolls</i></center>
Voodoo dolls

Over in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium and LSC Giant Dome Theater, guests experienced a brand new show, Lovers of the Cosmos LIVE!, which was specially themed for Valentine’s Day.

<i><center>In the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium</i></center>
In the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Guest also enjoyed LSC’s classic exhibitions, such as Touch Tunnel, Infinity Climber, Eat and Be Eaten, Wonder Why, Infection Connection, and more.

<i><center>Wonder Why</i></center>
Wonder Why

<i><center>Meeting the naked mole rats in Eat and Be Eaten</i></center>
Meeting the naked mole rats in Eat and Be Eaten

<i><center>Cajun spice lab in Infection Connection</i></center>
Cajun spice lab in Infection Connection

Midnight Market NJ returned with delicious food from local vendors, at only $5 per plate. This month’s vendors included Waffle It and Co, Yani’s Bake House, Luke’s Empanadas, Mozzarepas, Under the Bun Burgers & BBQ, Cryo Cream, Sisig City, Guac Spot, and The French Quarter.

<i><center>Snacks from Guac Spot</i></center>
Snacks from Guac Spot

Over on the dance floor, guests rocked out to music from DJ Dprizzy.

<i><center>On the dance floor</i></center>
On the dance floor

<i><center>On the dance floor</i></center>
On the dance floor

What a night! Thanks to everyone who came out. You can also relive the event through this excellent video recap:

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Tickets are now available for LSC After Dark: ‘80s Night on March 15. Travel back in time with us to the era of Madonna and MJ! At this party, you’ll get to create your own ‘80s-style video game, learn to master the Rubik’s Cube puzzle, moonwalk on the dance floor with DJ Dancing Tony, experience a new ‘80s laser show, and more! Click here for tickets.

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