Birthday Party Agenda

The LSC Mad Scientist Birthday Party is a two-hour party in a festive, decorated private dining room. As your guests arrive, they are treated to tabletop science activities while your group gathers in the space. We will work with you to choose just the right activities, games, and snacks to delight the birthday boy or girl.

Choose Saturday or Sunday at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm.

Sample Party Agenda

9:45 am – Greet guests at the Welcome Desk
10:00 am – Guests move to Party Room
10:05 am – Tabletop activity time and self-guided activities followed by a 20-minute party activity of your choice
10:45 am – Food service, or guests may engage in additional self-guided activities and party games
11:00 am – An additional 20-minute party activity of your choice
11:20 am – Game for the whole group
11:50 am – Happy birthday song and cake
12:00 pm – Guests leave the party room and explore LSC

The party goes beyond your time in the party room! Once you’re done, enjoy everything the exhibit floors have to offer. Your group can head to the Touch Tunnel or Infinity Climber for some exciting action or check out the live animals and cool traveling exhibitions. Make sure to get a daily schedule to see all of the special events happening throughout the Center.

LSC Mad Scientist Birthday Parties are $775.00 for 20 total guests. The birthday child does not count in this number. Each additional guest is $16.50 per person. The maximum number of guests is 40. Members receive a 10% discount on the base price of the party. Only one member discount can be applied to a party.

Mad Scientist Party Extras

Party guest goody bags: $10.00/bag
Live planetarium show, film or laser show: $6.50/ticket
Simulator ride: $5.00/rider
Food service from Restaurant Associates: market price

Available Activities

Please choose two of our exciting activities to take place during your party. Each one is 20 minutes long.

Young Learner Play Set – Ages 1 – 3

Designed for toddlers, this play set can be arranged in different ways so it challenges gross motor skills of the children at the party. The play set will be set up in your party room and available throughout your party. Components of the play set may be divided between your party and another, if necessary.

All Around Town – Ages 1 – 4

Cars are everywhere in our life, but have you ever actually designed your own car before? At this party you’ll be able to design and build your very own car and drive it all around town with your friends.

Color Wheel – All Ages

What are the colors of the rainbow? Are they always in a specific order? Explore primary and secondary colors using the color wheel. Which colors compliment each other and what colors go into making up another color? Learn the basics of chromatography with this colorful party activity!

Dinosaur Eggs – Ages 2 – 5

Create a fossilized dinosaur egg and then bring it home to hatch! Using household supplies, create dough that will surround your dinosaur. Guests take the dinosaur egg home to harden. The next day, kids can chip through the hardened dough to reveal the baby dinosaur.

Rocking Rockets – Ages 2 and up

Create your own straw rocket using materials supplied. How big will you make the fins? What color will your rocket be? How heavy is your rocket? What will your nose cone look like? Figure out a plan and create three different rockets. Then choose your trajectory and test them out on the rocket launcher! Guests can also make “alka rockets” using water and a special propellant.

Slime – Ages 2 and up

See a demonstration of elephant toothpaste and then make your very own polymer concoction. Using material provided, create a slimy polymer and learn the science behind the creation. Make your polymer your favorite color and then take it home with you!

Oobleck – Ages 2 and up

See a demonstration of elephant toothpaste and then make your very own Oobleck. Is it a liquid or solid? Perform experiments with your Oobleck to decide!

The Fast and the Curious – Ages 5+

Ever wanted to build a car and make it go really fast? Choose a design and then build your own car and see how fast it goes and what factors affect its speed. Then change it around and race until you have the fastest car on the track!

Owl Pellets – Ages 10+

Owl pellets are the remains of an owl’s dinner. Using the tools provided, dissect the owl pellet to see what was on the menu for an owl. Try to match up the pieces you find with the supplied chart and see what was for dinner!

Slime-sation! - Ages 4 - 12

Create regular slime, fluffy slime, and a custom slime that you get to name with a mix-in of your choice! All slimes go home in custom Birthday Party containers that will help keep your slime creations fresh.

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