LSC After Dark blasts off for 'Space Cantina' party

LSC After Dark

Last night, Liberty Science Center went “rogue.”

In celebration of the new movie from everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away, we threw a “Space Cantina” bash, the latest in our monthly LSC After Dark party series for guests 21 and over. (Check out our Facebook album here, and click here to see our favorite social media posts from the night).

The building was packed with guests who came dressed in their best Star Wars attire. They indulged in delicious cantina treats and cocktails, and – of course – got caught up in a few lightsaber battles.

<i>On the dance floor</i>

Immediately upon entering the building, guests were greeted by R2D2 and Chewbacca.

After taking photos with the beloved droid and Wookiee, guests headed over to the bar and sipped on this month’s themed cocktails, each one inspired by a different lightsaber color.

<i>Posing with R2D2</i>
<i>Selfie with Chewbacca</i>
<i>Lightsaber-inspired cocktails at the bar</i>

The activities at this month’s party were truly out-of-this-world. Right away, guests got to try out virtual reality games and take the lead in their own sci-fi adventure.

As guests traveled throughout the building, they made their way to the LSC Micro Kessel Run Drone Race, where 15 professional drone racers flew drones all night. Guests got to watch the race live, or via FPV (first person view) goggles that allowed them to watch the race from the drone’s perspective.

<i>Virtual reality game</i>
<i>Watching the drone race via FPV (first person view) goggles</i>

Hundreds of people packed our massive IMAX Dome Theater, where they got to see a brand new Laser Sci-Fi Show set to classic science fiction themes. Guests also got to experience a Star Wars lightning show with our Tesla coils. Check out a video of the lightning show:

As always, the food at the party was amazing. Chef Jeremy was highly influenced by the Star Wars universe when he created the “Mynock Wings” (chicken wings, named after the batlike creatures from the movies) and “Tatooine Critter Fritters” (corn and shrimp fritters, inspired by the frogs that Jabba the Hutt munches on from his palace in Tatooine).

We also challenged our guests – or, er, young Padawans – with a “Jedi Quest,” where they were given mysterious clues and encouraged to find a secret Star Wars “Easter Egg” hidden within the Science Center. Once they followed all the clues, our staff Jedi revealed the secret to them.

<i>Young Padawans learning from the Jedi Master (center)</i>

DJ Toke1 rocked the dance floor all night with his Force powers. He was joined by our LSC After Dark Ambassador Lynn “ChicpeaJC” Hazan and emcees Haytham “Hayoner” Elgawly and iHeart Radio’s Skeery Jones, best known from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

R2D2 and Chewbacca hit up the dance floor, too, and played games with the partiers such as a Wookiee Roar Contest to see who could give us their best Chewbacca roar.

One lucky person even received a very special prize from Chewbacca: an authentic signed photo of Peter Mayhew, the actor behind Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies

<i>DJ Toke1 and Skeery Jones</i>
<i>Chewbacca, ChicpeaJC and a Stormtrooper</i>
<i>Wookiee Roar Contest</i>
<i>The lucky guest who won a signed Chewbacca photo by actor Peter Mayhew</i>
<i>Our excellent emcee Hayoner, taking a quick break from the dance floor for some virtual reality</i>

There were so many incredible outfits, but when it came time to choose a winner for the costume contest, we chose Jersey City resident Kristian Herrera, who came dressed as Princess Leia. This is Kristian’s third time in a row winning the costume contest!

<i>Princess Leia, aka costume contest winner Kristian Herrera</i>

This time around, the party didn’t stop at 10 pm. Even as Liberty Science Center closed for the night, more than 100 guests made their way to Frank Theatres South Cove Stadium in Bayonne and caught an exclusive LSC After Dark screening of Rogue One.

<i>At the Rogue One movie screening</i>
<i>At the Rogue One movie screening</i>

Thanks to everyone who came out to “Space Cantina.” To see more photos from the party, head over to our Facebook album.Also, a big thanks to everyone who came out to our LSC After Dark parties in 2016. Tickets are now available for the first LSC After Dark party of 2017, “Silent Party.” Get tickets here.

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