All the Halloween adventures at Liberty Science Center in 2018

Your Halloween season isn't complete without a trip to Liberty Science Center! This year's adventures are bigger and better than ever. From our 4,000-sq-ft Spider Maze to our fang-tastic live animal show to our horrifying Doom Zoo, you won’t want to miss any of it.

Take a look at our Halloween adventures and the dates you can experience them:

Not-So-Scary Stuff

Spider Maze 500x500.jpg

The Spider Maze

Head inside the most unique maze you’ll find all season!

As you navigate your way through our 4,000-sq-ft outdoor Spider Maze, you’ll solve an immersive puzzle and learn about different types of spiders along the way. Note: The Spider Maze is not a scary experience. Although you will encounter different types of spiders, none of them are real and none of them jump out at you!

(Dates: Now through Oct. 31)

Pumpkin Bingo 500x500.jpg

Pumpkin Bingo

Our Pumpkin Check-Up Lab has gotten an all new makeover! Grab an endoscope and use it to see what’s inside a pumpkin. This year, you’ll get a Bingo card to check off all your discoveries.

(Dates: Oct. 19 – 31)

peppers ghost 500x500.jpg

Pepper’s Ghost Illusion Chamber

Pepper’s ghost is an old technique used to create the illusion of ghosts in haunted houses and other attractions. In our Illusion Chamber, you’ll learn how the technique works by turning yourself into a ghost!

Pull out the camera for this one – your friends on social media will shriek when they see what has become of you!

(Dates: Oct. 20, 21, 27, 28)

Fang-Tastic 500x500.jpg

Fang-Tastic Live Animal Show

Meet some of Liberty Science Center’s creepiest residents! Stop by our special Halloween-themed animal show and get up-close with tarantulas, snakes, and more.

(Dates: Oct. 20 – 31)

bat 500x500.jpg

Bat Lab

Fly on down to our Bat Lab and learn about the different adaptations that bats use to survive. You’ll perform experiments and investigations at six different stations, and even get to use an audio amplifier to hear like a bat!

(Dates: Oct. 19 – 31)

SpooktacuLaser 500x500.jpg

SpooktacuLaser Show

Rock out to classic Halloween songs set to stunning, high-tech lasers! Be there to experience our special Halloween-themed laser show in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium and LSC Giant Dome Theater, the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.

The show is available with the purchase of a Combination Pass or a Premium Pass.

(Dates: Oct. 20 – 31)

Kinda Scary Stuff

Zombie Foodie 500x500.jpg

Zombie Foodie

Meet the Zombie Foodie! She used to be your average food blogger, but then she got bit by a zombie and now she writes about animal organs!

In her humorous show, you’ll learn all about animal organs, and even see real animal hearts, stomachs, livers, intestines, and lungs. The Zombie Foodie is recommended for ages 8 and up.

(Dates: Oct. 21, 27, 28)

VERY Scary Stuff!

Doom Zoo 500x500.jpg

The Doom Zoo

Are you brave enough to enter the Doom Zoo?

In this haunted laboratory, half-human/half-animal abominations lurk behind every corner. Be careful – the mad scientist who runs the lab is always looking for new test subjects! This year, brace yourself for newer and bigger horrors at Liberty Science Center’s iconic Halloween attraction.

The Doom Zoo is recommended for ages 13 and up.

(Dates: Oct. 20, 21, 27, 28)

More Halloween Adventures

Halloween Member 500x500.jpg

Spooky Sleepover Family Halloween Camp In

Bring your family to the ultimate Halloween sleepover on Oct. 27!

At the Spooky Sleepover Family Halloween Camp In, spend the night and enjoy a building filled with themed activities, experiments, labs, shows, and adventures. A snack and light breakfast will be provided. The Doom Zoo, Spider Maze, Zombie Foodie Show, Pepper’s Ghost Illusion Chamber, Pumpkin Bingo, and Bat Lab will all be open.

Click here to learn more.

Family 500x500.jpg

Halloween Member Night

LSC members, be there for the biggest member event of the year: Halloween Member Night on Oct. 25!

From 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm, the building is open exclusively to LSC members. The Doom Zoo, Spider Maze, Zombie Foodie show, Pepper’s Ghost Illusion Chamber, and Bat Lab will all be open, plus more surprises still to be revealed.

Click here to see our Member Event schedule.


War of the Worlds 2018

In 1938, the soon-to-be-famous director Orson Welles caused a nationwide alarm with a realistic-sounding radio broadcast reporting that Martians had landed in New Jersey.

Join us Oct. 30 in the planetarium as we celebrate this science fiction milestone with a live recreation of the "night that panicked America." Experience this tale of Martian invasion as never before, with full-dome images and video on an 89-foot screen, live music and sound effects, and real laser beams.

Click here to learn more and buy tickets.