A hands-on exhibit that shows the many ways humans connect and exchange ideas

We communicate to share information. Early humans left evocative drawings on cave walls. Today we can reach around the world with the tap of a button. Communication investigates all the ways we express ourselves: written, spoken, gestural, symbolic, electronic, digital and more, from totem poles to texts.

Explore the origins and history of human language and learn about the physics behind some of the technology we use today. See how our brains respond to words and sounds, learn some basic sign language, try writing Chinese calligraphy, share your thoughts at social media stations, and discover how photos are transmitted at the speed of light.

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Location: 3rd Floor

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We thank Verizon New Jersey for its generous support of Communication.


  • Use digital spray paint to leave your mark on our graffiti wall.
  • Try your hand at Chinese calligraphy.
  • Learn some basic sign language.