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Girls racing cars in Angry Birds Universe

Angry Birds Universe: The Art and Science Behind a Global Phenomenon

Based on the popular games, the exhibition takes guests of all ages into the world of Angry Birds for adventures in science, tech, engineering, arts, and math. Build and race vehicles in a live version of the Angry Birds Go! kart racing game, draw and animate your own bird in the high-tech design studio, and more.

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Boy hanging on rope in Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts: Creature Power!

Due to popular demand, Wild Kratts: Creature Power! is extending its run at Liberty Science Center.

Based on the popular PBS Kids series, Wild Kratts: Creature Power! is all about discovering wild animals and their "creature powers." Ride a slide like an emperor penguin, swing through trees like a monkey, hang on a rope like a sloth in the tropical rainforest, and more.

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Green-winged macaw

Eat and Be Eaten

Cotton-top tamarin monkeys. Naked mole rats. Red-footed tortoises. A rose hair tarantula! Liberty Science Center is home to 100+ fascinating animal species. Come meet many of them in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition.

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Guest in Microbes Rule

Microbes Rule!

They’re microscopic, mighty, and play a key role in life all over our planet. And yet, microbes get a bad rep because some of them cause disease.

In Microbes Rule!, step inside a giant microscope lens and discover these organisms in a whole new way. Through stunning art and groundbreaking technology, explore how the overwhelming majority of microbes are beneficial to us and essential to our survival.

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Girl looking at animals in Our Hudson Home

Our Hudson Home

The Hudson River is home to thousands of species – including our own! In Our Hudson Home, discover the importance of this river as a means of travel and commerce, a source of food, and a place to play.

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Hoberman Sphere

Hoberman Sphere

It’s one of the most memorable parts of any visit to Liberty Science Center: the Hoberman Sphere!

Designed by artist and engineer Chuck Hoberman and installed during the opening of the original Science Center in 1992, the Hoberman Sphere has welcomed millions of guests to LSC for more than 20 years.

Hundreds of scissor-like connectors expand and contract the globe all day. Make your way to the upper mezzanine area to learn more about the Sphere's engineering and design.

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Girl in Energy Quest exhibition

Energy Quest

In LSC’s Energy Quest exhibition, learn how we can balance our ever-growing energy needs with environmental impacts. Explore five different types of energy (surface, bio-stored, nuclear, ocean, and geo-thermal) and the ways we harness energy from various sources.

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Girls having fun in Wonder Why

Wonder Why

Create, think, and observe! Wonder Why is filled with activities that celebrate the joy and wonder of science.

Explore endurance and test your strength by hanging onto a bar as long as possible. Make fluorescent rocks glow at our mineral display. Test your reaction time or explore the range of your mind’s eye with intriguing optical illusions.

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bees to bots 500x500.jpg

Bees to Bots

The third floor of Liberty Science Center is buzzing with excitement! In Bees to Bots, peer inside our honey bee hive to see real bees at work, busily building honeycomb and making honey. Then explore our multimedia exhibition to discover innovative ways that scientists are studying bees.

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universe revealed 500x500.jpg

Universe Revealed: Views from the Hubble Space Telescope

Check out some of Hubble’s greatest hits in this gallery-style presentation of eye-catching, oversized prints, mounted on a durable material. Don’t be afraid to get close and take a selfie with some of the most gorgeous sights in the universe.

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Guests exploring Communication


Communication investigates all the ways we express ourselves: written, spoken, gestural, symbolic, electronic, digital, and more, from totem poles to texts.

Explore the origins and history of human language and learn about the physics behind some of the technology we use today. See how our brains respond to words and sounds, learn some basic sign language, discover how photos are transmitted at the speed of light, and more.

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David Blaine with Tesla coils

1 Million Volt Tesla Coils

See Liberty Science Center’s pair of 1 million volt Tesla coils, generously donated by David Blaine, LSC’s Magician-in-Residence.

Blaine donated these Tesla coils in 2012 following a 73-hour endurance stunt, during which he stood atop a 22-foot high pillar at Pier 54 in New York City, surrounded by a system of seven Tesla coils. The coils directed an electric discharge of 1 million volts at him for the entire duration of the performance. The event was live streamed, engaging over 400 million users worldwide.

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pixelpalooza 500x500.jpg


How do computers analyze motion? Wave and leap around to clear pixels and uncover a hidden picture from a huge screen in our Pixelpalooza exhibition.

When the countdown clock expires, the system grabs your photo. Say cheese! Be sure to share your photo with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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