Week of the Young Child

April 16 – 22 is Week of the Young Child at Liberty Science Center! This annual, national event celebrates young learners, their teachers, and their families.

During the week, we’ll have special activities for young learners aligning with a unique theme. The event will be followed by Weekend of the Young Child on Saturday and Sunday, when we bring out activities with an Earth Day twist.

Don’t miss it! Here are the week's highlights:

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Music Monday (April 16)

Make your own instrument, learn how sound works, and discover how animals communicate.

taco tuesday 500x500.jpg

Taco Tuesday (April 17)

Measure your heartbeat, make models of the human body, and learn how to floss like a pro in a day all about staying healthy.

work together wednesday 500x500 2.jpg

Work Together Wednesday (April 18)

Build a city out of recyclable materials and recreate the Three Little Pigs’ houses in a day devoted to group collaboration.

artsy thursday 500x500.jpg

Artsy Thursday (April 19)

Explore the colors of the rainbow, learn about slime, and get an introduction to 3D design and printing with a child-friendly app called Morphi.

family friday 500x500.jpg

Family Friday (April 20)

Gather the whole family and create a special message to celebrate the week using watercolors and fingerprint ink.

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Weekend of the Young Child (April 21 & 22)

In celebration of Earth Day, join us in our special Greenhouse filled with young learner activities. Come try your hand at finding creatures that live in a log, pollinating flowers like a bee, looking at real plants under microscopes, and more!